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Why Plasmalite Laser UK?

    One of the safest laser machines on Asian skin types.

    Variable treatments including Hair removal, and skin rejuvenation, many more..

    Plasmalite being one of the earliest first ipl machines developed.

    Plasmalite machines are manufactured in Germany and Sweden.

    One of the lowest marked price for a non-china made laser machine.

    Yearly laser machine service price guaranteed not to be beaten regardless to what laser machine brand.

    Lamp life guaranteed 10,000 shots (actually lasts 20,000 shots)

    Fixed glass filters rather than plastic filters.

    Full free starting buissnes support including training by a Harley street laser protection supervisor.
    UK support almost all repairs are carried out in the UK.

    2 years parts warranty.

    Rated top 10 ipl/laser machines of all time by world known laser protection adviser Godfrey town, and Dr Ross Martin.

    All areas easily treated due to the shape and size of our crystal glass sapphire one of the most unique shaped wave guide probably one of its kind in the world.

    Areas easily treated due to specification and size of wave guide, upper lip, galabella, ears, nose, full bikini, perri-anal, scroutum, toes, fingers, cheeks.

    Water cooled laser/ipl machine.

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